Learn the art of ceramic mosaics with Artist

Mary Ponchio

Ceramic Mosaics Workshops can be arranged through artist associations, local galleries, schools, churches, etc. Individual workshops are available in the South Florida area. Share the opportunity to learn by giving a workshop as a gift, or provide workshops at birthday events and other celebrations. 


What you get


Basic procedures for designing, assembling, applying and finishing mosaic projects. The types of tools and materials used will be explained. You will also get tips about selecting and efficiently cutting dishes and tiles.

And of course, you will also take home your very own creation!
Bring base piece  . . .

Ideas for suitable mosaic items can be found on the  LimiTaTas web site.

It's important to keep this small for your first project. Also, keep in mind that flat surfaces work best. A clay pot (not too small, but not huge either!) that has been thoroughly cleaned and left to soak in water for at least a few hours; a concrete stepping stone or garden edger; a picture frame or mirror that is not more than 16 inches long on any side; small tables or shelves. For some ideas, check my web site.
There will be various small projects available for an additional cost
Find TaTas Check your own or your mother's china cabinet for old or unused dishes, preferably with colorful florals or other patterns. Flat is better! Pieces of colorful tile, ceramic decorations that you don't mind breaking. You can also bring pieces of old jewelry, plastic or metal findings, beads and other items -- almost anything that has a flat side for setting it into the adhesive and which will accept the grout without damaging the surface (these are what I call TaTas!)


Dishes will be supplied, so don't worry if you have no dishes, or no time!
Accumulate ideas If you have time to find a work piece and some dishes to smash, start designing the piece in your mind, and think about what you want to achieve. It's great to find a large flower or other simple pattern that you would like to imitate. (Wallpaper is a good source.)


Base Cost Typically ranges between $55 and $75, depending on location and number of participants. Price includes adhesive materials and general supplies for the workshop. Base piece supplied for additional charge.


Discount applied for groups larger than four persons.